Prologue...sort of.

Solitary Sky comes out on September 10th, but I am still on the fence about including the tiny, paragraph-sized prologue.  I tend toward including it, but I'm not sure it quite qualifies as a prologue.
So I need opinions. =)

See my previous post for the back cover blurb to get an idea what the book is about.
Here is the "prologue":

  Dirty, claw-like fingers thrust from the shadows and grabbed my throat.  In half a breath I was off the ground, my legs flailing frantically.  My nails dug deep into rugged flesh, trying desperately to free my neck from his inhuman grip.  Pitch black eyes watched with sick pleasure as I struggled for breath, my strangled screams gone unheard.  His grip tightened, crumbling the last of my resistance as it gave way to exhaustion. Billowing curtains of darkness draped my consciousness and I slipped further into the black.
     I closed my eyes and hoped death would come quickly as I lifted a trembling hand to clutch the cold piece of heart-shaped metal still dangling from my neck.
     Where are you?


Please let me know what you think...keep it or cut it? ;o)



Solitary Sky

Welcome to my first official post! =)  This is the main website for all my books and any other other projects I'm working on.  I am getting ready to release my first novel, Solitary Sky, in September...in fact, the release date is set for:

Here is a little blurb to give you an idea what the book is about:

Leaving home wasn't a hard decision for Lilah to make. It was either move to Gentian and spend her senior year with her grandma who liked talking to dogs...or stay home with her hopeless mother who preferred dating them.
300 miles later, Lilah barely had time to unpack before she met Hunter—the literal guy of her dreams. She knew better than to fall in love, but she couldn't deny the attraction to him—even after she discovered he and his brothers were only half human...and half wolf.
Soon Lilah was caught up in the strange new world that was now her own—unaware that a darker secret remained hidden, threatening to destroy her new-found happiness...and her life.

If you'd like to read the first 3 chapters, they're posted here: ShanonaWriter

Thanks, and please check back by for updates! ;o)