Prologue...sort of.

Solitary Sky comes out on September 10th, but I am still on the fence about including the tiny, paragraph-sized prologue.  I tend toward including it, but I'm not sure it quite qualifies as a prologue.
So I need opinions. =)

See my previous post for the back cover blurb to get an idea what the book is about.
Here is the "prologue":

  Dirty, claw-like fingers thrust from the shadows and grabbed my throat.  In half a breath I was off the ground, my legs flailing frantically.  My nails dug deep into rugged flesh, trying desperately to free my neck from his inhuman grip.  Pitch black eyes watched with sick pleasure as I struggled for breath, my strangled screams gone unheard.  His grip tightened, crumbling the last of my resistance as it gave way to exhaustion. Billowing curtains of darkness draped my consciousness and I slipped further into the black.
     I closed my eyes and hoped death would come quickly as I lifted a trembling hand to clutch the cold piece of heart-shaped metal still dangling from my neck.
     Where are you?


Please let me know what you think...keep it or cut it? ;o)



the-time-capsule.com said...

I say cut it. Here’s why: It feels somewhat vague and generic. Does the character know who is threatening her life? If so, make that apparent, if not, make that known. What led the character into that situation? Do they regret it? Adding in just those few things gives the prologue some uniqueness over “someone’s trying to kill me and I’m about to pass out.” These points may be answered in your story, and if so, present them in a manner that the reader knows to question them at the very least.
However, I will say to keep it if you feel it compliments the story well.
I read a book recently with a prologue that set me up for something as I read it. But what the prologue alluded to and what happened were two different things. The prologue, in my opinion, made no sense with the rest of the story. I think you definitely want to avoid having that happen.
In the end, it’s up to you. I’m a firm believer that there isn’t a wrong way to write a story. Everyone approaches it differently, sets different priorities, and writes what matters to them. Every writer has opinions, and that’s all I’m giving you.
Hope that helps!

Shannon Taylor Hodnett said...

Wow, that was very helpful...thank you! =)
She does know who her attacker is...I was purposefully trying to keep it as vague as possible, but obviously that's not the best way to go.
Thanks again for the feedback...I truly appreciate it. ;o) xox