The very first trailer for Solitary Sky is finished!
I had so much fun---ok, and a little frustration---making this video that I decided I would at least make one more before Book 2 comes out.
Until then, please enjoy:

He is my reality
a neverending kiss
racing out into the stars
tumbling toward bliss

Every breath I breathe his name
my fear is fading fast
but with secrets still untold
this breath may be my last

Book 1 in the Solitary Sky Series...available at amazon.com! ;o)



Sarah said...

Hi Shannon!
I stumbled across your book trailer on Youtube this evening. It looks awesome! :) Great job and congrats on your book!


P.S. The place where Lilah is standing at the beginning of the trailer -- I've been there! :) It was shot in Galveston, right?

Shanona Ryder said...

Hey, Sarah! Thank you so much! =)
It was a lot of fun putting the video together...I'm happy that you enjoyed it! ;o)

Yes...that is Galveston--good eye! =)

xox, Shannon <3

E.D. said...

This is pretty cool! Great job!

Ethel Graff said...

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