New Word 〜 Not-So-New Winner!

...is now a two-time Lyrical Genius! Will she go for a three-peat? ;o)
 ★ Congrats, Jana...your LGotW button remains firmly in place! ★

Here is the new word in play:

So leave your comments with as many lyrics as you can think of...remember googling is allowed...come and play all week long...invite your friends...family...your friend's family! ;o)

paxamo xox,



We have a winner for the first round of Lyricality!

The Lyrical Genius of the Week is...

Congrats, Jana! 
Thanks for playing...and thanks for making me count so many comments! lol ;o)
Look for your LGotW button on the sidebar! ;o) xoxox

Now on to this week's word...

Think of a song and send in your comments...and thank you for playing Lyricality! 

<3 paxamo,



I heard it somewhere in a song...

Word games are just about my favorite thing ever...and I love music with an intensity that might not be considered healthy.  There's a soundtrack to my life running in my head at all times...and I remember lyrics to songs I learned before I could even talk.
Music is the color to my world...and words are something I enjoy playing with, even when I'm not stringing them into sentences.
A few years ago, I found a blog called "Lyric Game" ...a new word was announced in each post and people commented with the lyrics to a song in which that word was used.  It was based on a board game I had never played before...but I fell in love with it right away and played faithfully until one day it disappeared...it was just gone.
Years later, I've gotten over the hole it left in my life...but I haven't forgotten how much fun it was to play the game...so I decided to revive it here on my very own website ~ with a few important changes:

  •  the words chosen will follow a theme...related in some way to my books or short stories
  •  participation will be rewarded...the person with the most entries in one week will be named   "Lyrical Genius of the Week"...their names will be put onto a spiffy little button and prominently displayed here on the site all week long  =)

  •  there aren't any official rules...just play fair & be nice
  •  post as much of the lyrics as you want...or as much as you can remember ;o)
  •  well-known quotes and poetry are fair game...just try not to go too obscure  
  •  the name of the game is "Lyricality"! 

Now, to kick things off...this week's word is:

Are the wheels in your brain churning already? Leave a comment, all you lyrical geniuses...as many as you want!  I hope you have lots of fun and love the game just as much as I do! =)

<3 paxamo,