We have a winner for the first round of Lyricality!

The Lyrical Genius of the Week is...

Congrats, Jana! 
Thanks for playing...and thanks for making me count so many comments! lol ;o)
Look for your LGotW button on the sidebar! ;o) xoxox

Now on to this week's word...

Think of a song and send in your comments...and thank you for playing Lyricality! 

<3 paxamo,


Marilyn Sculthorp said...

congrats Jana! as soon as I feel more normal, I will give you some real competition. :)

Marilyn Sculthorp said...

since I seem to be the first one here, I will go ahead and say, Hungry like the Wolf, by Duran Duran :)

Anonymous said...

When you cry a wolf comes

Marilyn Sculthorp said...

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf.

lydie said...

This is lydie

Marilyn Sculthorp said...

hey there little red riding hood, you sure are looking good, you're everythings a big bad wolf could want.

lydie said...

Where the wolf bane blooms

STH said...

A man who's pure of heart
and says his prayers by night
may still become a wolf
when the autumn moon is bright...

~ "Howl", Florence + the Machine

Anonymous said...

in the still of the night I hear the wolf howl honey
sniffing around your door


Marilyn Sculthorp said...

Garth Brooks -
But tonight outside my window
There's a lonesome, mournful sound
And I just can't keep from thinkin'
'Bout the ones, the wolves pull down

Marilyn Sculthorp said...

Monster Mash -
The zombies were having fun
The party had just begun
The guests included Wolf Man
Dracula and his son

Jana Keys said...

He was the lone wolf you could see it in his eyes
The way he held his heart the way he held his lies
"The Lone Wolf" Kathleen Edwards

Jana Keys said...

With a family to provide for
But one thing he must keep alive
Will the wolf survive?
"Will The Wolf Survive?" Waylon Jennings

Jana Keys said...

Mr. Wolf and Mama Bear were banging on the door
I told 'em once, I told 'em twice, don't come 'round here no more
"Mr Wolf and Mama Bear" Robert Earl Keen

Jana Keys said...

There were wolves at the edge of the field
But I still remember that time when we were dancing
"Wolves" Josh Ritter

Jana Keys said...

Preachin’ from the book of Johnny Cash
A sheep among the wolves there standin’ tall
"Country Music Jesus" Eric Church

Jana Keys said...

There's a she wolf in your closet
Let it out so it can breathe
"She Wolf" Shakira

Jana Keys said...

"The Boy Who Cried Wolf"
Aesop's Fables

Molly Mae said...

With the wild wolves around you
In the morning, I'll call you
Send it farther on
-Bon Iver

Sarah said...

Wilder lower wolves
Here's a house to put wolves out the door
In a corner garden
Wilder lower wolves

-REM, Wolves Lower

Shannon Taylor Hodnett said...

Wild wolves always...stare me out
I'm not running
I'm not running away

~ Athlete, "Wild Wolves"

ClareS said...

No place could ever be home
Drawn like a wolf to the moon it calls my soul

Rainbow, "Wolf to the Moon

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