Making History

Believe it or not, there IS progress being made on the second book in the Solitary Sky Series (SSS). True, it doesn't have a title yet, but usually I don't have a title until it's finished...and it's nowhere near that. The shame of my writer's block is now semi-public...and I'm hoping the semi-mortification of that fact will light a fire under me and keep me writing.  If that doesn't work, I might just have to do weekly updates of my progress so that I'll have more to answer to than just myself.

Tough love.

Oh, the horror.

Though not a lot of actual writing has happened around here lately, I have been working on the book...books 2 & 3 together, really. I've been working out plot-lines and extensive backstory...y'know the stuff that goes way back and all over the place but most of it never ends up in the actual book? Yeah, that.  Turns out there was so much backstory...and it was really getting intriguing...so I decided to do something I have never done before. Something I swore I'd never do. Something I truly believed was not in the realm of possibility for me to even think of taking on.

I'm going to write a historical fiction novel.

No, I'm serious.

I'm taking that plunge...accepting the challenge to myself...stomping out on that limb -- which means I'm either somewhat ballsy...chock full o'nuts...or just not fit for duty.  Whatever else I am, I'm about to be a historical fiction writer...but not until after book 3 in the SSS is finished, of course.

Check-in for this week finds us at the third chapter in book two...tentatively titled "Stranger".  This chapter is almost finished, so hopefully I'll be done with it and well into chapter 4 or 5 by next check-in...if not, you seriously need to kick me in the ass.
I'll be expecting it.

No more blocks for me.