So, I am in the midst of revising Solitary Sky (Book 1) along with writing Book 2. No big thing...just correcting a few typos and changing some wording here and there. Everything will pretty much be the same...just spit-polished until it shines. ツ

One thing I'm on the fence about is the cover. My plan was to just lighten it up a bit and make a few more slight changes.....now I wonder if I should go for bigger changes? I do like the current cover...I love the pic so much...Amanda is gorgeous and I love her! ツ  But I'd like to get input from others. Do you like it as is....do you think it needs something more...or a total re-do?

Leave your suggestions in the comments and/or answer the poll here:

Thanks for your help! ♥
Here's a bonus video: