Silly Love Song

My whole life I've loved writing. That love began at the age of 4 with my first poem about a stinkbug. In my preteen years I swore on my Go-Go's Beauty & the Beat album that I was going to become the world's youngest rockstar! I began writing my own songs at a prolific rate. At the age of nine, I wrote the following bridge:

Dreams are only visions
of thoughts running through your head
Heartbeat only rhythm
of the heart so bloody red

The song was called Heartbeat. I don't remember the rest of the lyrics, but the bridge stuck in my head all these years. They aren't stellar lyrics, but they did show a certain promise.
I never became the world's youngest rockstar...or a rockstar of any kind. But I did keep writing in various ways: high school newspaper, poetry, children's books, and now a novel...which was something I never dreamed I'd be able to do. Especially after reading the Harry Potter series. (so many words!!!) I did however miraculously manage to finish my book and now I'm working on several more. I finally feel like a "real" writer. It's not just a part-time thing I do for fun...though it is really fun. =)  But somehow in finishing that whole novel, I think I lost my lyric-writing muse.

I showed promise way back when...and wrote some decent lyrics in college...but now I try to write a song and every lyric that pops into my head sounds corny! lol They sound cheesy.....and embarrassing. It could be that I'm being a bit hard on myself...but I don't think so.
No part of writing my book stressed me out more than writing that freaking song. Well, maybe the formatting part, which was a special kind of hell. But I agonized over "Lilah's Song" and after I published the book, I promptly decided I hated it.


So I embarked upon a re-write of the song to go along with the re-release of the book. And I got completely stressed all over again. I must have a twisted desire for self-punishment. lol  It was another long road, strewn with scribbles, notations, and wadded up pieces of paper tossed in the trashcan.
BUT.....eventually I reached a point where I had found the right lyrics...the clouds parted and the sun shined in brilliant rays across the sky as a faraway chorus of angelic voices came together in spine-chilling harmony....the song was done. And I was happy with it!

The final product...all it needs is music...but I have zero music writing ability. Not even going there! lol

Lilah's Song

no place home
Light in the dark
Another turned stone
On the same highway
Down a different road
Until you found me
And took all I own

This solitary sky is ours tonight
Stars dancing as we pass them by
World made for only you and I
Underneath a solitary sky

Your smile is my drug
Your laughter my breath
Inside of you
Is my deathless death
Your name on my lips
Your voice in my head
Tattooed on my bones
Written in red

This solitary sky is ours tonight
Stars dancing as we pass them by
A world made for only you and I
Underneath a solitary sky

You’ll always be my reason why
Underneath a solitary sky