Writing Prompt Challenge

I found a great writing prompt challenge on Write to Done.


Challenge accepted!

Last Train

"Just leave! I never want to see you again!"
Rebecca could still remember the expression on Michael's face as she'd hurled those words at him. Shock. Hurt. Sadness. She was furious at him for doing the one thing he knew would hurt her most. He cheated on her. But no, it wasn't simply cheating. It had to be in grand Michael fashion. He boffed her little sister, Alison.

"Becca, we didn't know what we were doing...we were so drunk. Michael was there and we were talking one minute, then-"
She cut Alison off. She didn't want to hear any lurid details of their disgusting tryst. Just knowing it happened was enough. Her heart was breaking. She'd had everything planned out. They would date for six months to a year. Become engaged and hold their wedding within one year. But Michael bulldozed all her careful planning for a one off with her baby sister. All her dreams of marrying her first love...her best friend...and the hottest guy in Dallas weren't merely dashed. They were disintegrated.

She didn't blame Alison. Her sister had always been a little wild, but she'd never tried to steal her boyfriends.  No, Alison was an innocent in all this. Until Rebecca accidentally intercepted a text she'd sent to Michael.

Our night meant everything to me.
I know you were passed out, but I
could tell how much you wanted me.

"Alison, why would you do this to me? To Michael?!"
Rebecca thought finding out Michael had sex with Alison was the worst feeling in the world. No, this was the worst. Betrayal twice over by her own sister. Life seemed surreal in that moment. Michael hadn't done anything wrong after all. She'd tossed him out before giving him a chance to explain. She'd been blinded by rage. Now Michael was off living in California, hundreds of miles away.  She'd lost her true love forever.

Or had she?

Rebecca packed a small suitcase and headed for the station. She grabbed a ticket and ran to meet the incoming train...the last train to California.



JJS said...

Ooo, that was awesome! LOVED it!

Shannon Taylor Hodnett said...

Thank you so much, JJS! ^_^

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