#I ❤ Lists!

Hashtags... they may be annoying (not to me personally, but I've heard talk ツ) Yet they are extremely useful... and sort of magical, considering what they do. However you feel about them, it's hard to deny they have become necessary for survival in the world of social media. Especially for writers... monumentally for indie authors. ツ

I've put together a list of 36 hashtags (some specifically for indie authors) into an handy-dandy infographic.ツ You may be familiar with some of them... or all of them. I am a lover of lists ~ I need them in my life. Hopefully my obsession will be of some use to you! ツ

for future reference

#IARTG ~ Indie Author Retweet Twitter Group
#ASMSG ~ Authors Social Media Support Group
#ian1 ~ Independent Author network
#myWANA ~ We Are Not Alone
#1k1h ~ One thousand words, one hour