Solace for the Soulless

My latest poem〜a dark sentiment on love, loss, and eternal anguish. It's definitely got a dark theme〜but there is some light if you look hard enough. ツ

Your coffee's not yet cold
But your spot in our bed is
I still feel you here...smell you...taste you
But you're gone

It wasn't enough that you stole
the once-beating lump from
inside my chest
You took my breath
You took my reason to breathe

There is no solace
for the soulless

I am dark and empty now
My skin cold & gray without
the flush of blood coursing
through my veins

Veins that once were
crawling with you
Veins that became a part
of all you consumed
But I would never be enough
to quiet the hunger
that consumes you
No one will ever be enough
to appease the monster within you

You will go on sucking souls
in search of the pleasure 
that eludes you
Begging for an end to
the misery that plagues you
All the while stringing
sacrifices in your wake

I lie dead
soulless and rotting
amid the carnage strewn 
along your road to ruin
With one last notion
gnawing at my consciousness

I pity you.

My suffering has ended
but yours carries on,
The hell inside you will rage,
its fires scorching black
the dust that gathered
where your soul should be

Locked forever
in your own private purgatory

The one true 
solace for the soulless


Julia J Simpson said...

That was BEAUTIFUL, Shannon! <3 <3 <3

Shannon Taylor Hodnett said...

Thank you so much, Julia! That means a lot to me!��

Shannon Taylor Hodnett said...

That was supposed to be a heart! lol

Let's try this: ♥️ xoxoxoxox

santa lily said...
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Anonymous said...

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Johnson McCartney said...

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Bestessay prices said...

So beautiful and moving. It seems like you had a really bad and painful love experience in your life so you expressed all your feelings in that poem. Touching, I admit. Makes me think about the love I lost as well. Thank you for sharing.

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Beautiful words and really moving writing. Reminds me about all that suffering I've been through... This poetry is overloaded with emotions and that is why I like it so much. Thank you for sharing!