In the Breeze

Does night come before the dawn
Or does it follow day?
We weren't around when it all began
So really who's to say?

Who sprinkled the stars across the sky
And gave them their magical light?
That hides in the rays of the sun in the day
And only comes out at night?

Who hung the sun in the sky so high
Its light shines down on all?
And takes a whole day to travel the sky
Earning some rest by nighfall

Who gave the moon its ghostly gray glow
Waxing and waning by night
Or the eternal enchantment of its pull
In which lovers and wolves delight

So keep your eyes up to skies in constant awe
Of this world and all its mysteries
Don't dare let go of your questioning mind
The answers are in the breeze




Juli J Simpson said...

LOVED this SO MUCH! Such a beautiful poem and I loved the little slide show that went with it. So pretty! <3

Shannon Taylor Hodnett said...

Thank you, Julia! I appreciate the love! ����xoxoxoxox

Rina Prajapati said...

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