Author Bio

Shannon Taylor Hodnett is an Oklahoma native now living halfway between Houston and the beautiful beaches of Galveston, Texas with her husband, son, three dogs, and a cat. 

After her freshman year at the University of Oklahoma, Shannon abandoned college life for the wonderful world of waitressing.  Spurred on by advice from family—and an armed forces episode of Family Feud—she joined the Navy where she got kicked out after two weeks of boot camp and diagnosed with a rare, incurable kidney disorder. 

Over the next two decades, Shannon met and married a wonderful man named Jeff…gave birth to their amazing son, Jack…and received a shiny new kidney from her best friend, Robin. With a second chance at life, and an appreciation for everything in it, she soon rediscovered a passion for writing and successfully completed her first novel. 

When not writing, Shannon can be found singing loudly to her dogs, watching Criminal Minds, or taking pictures of the sky. ツ

***For a closer look into my life without becoming my therapist, click here. ツ

tornado-like cloud formations

the most vivid rainbow I've ever seen...and it was in my backyard!

blackbirds fly...into the light of a blazing sunset


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