Solitary Sky Series

My name is Lilah.

This was not supposed to be my life, but I had to leave home......get far away from the four walls I shared with my so-called mother.

I moved to Gentian to stay with Gram, get through my Senior year, and graduate with my best friend, Val. My plans never included weird, prophetic dreams......or watching him walk out of them.

That was the moment everything changed. I was drawn deep and held firm by his gravity......close enough to learn all his secrets. I should’ve walked away when I realized he was something more than human, but I didn’t.
I couldn’t.

I had no clue that darker secrets remained hidden. Secrets that could take away everything I never asked for......and now I can’t be without.

Secrets I'm afraid will end the life I’m just beginning to live.

Book 1 in the Solitary Sky Series...available at

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